Who can benefit from toasting sausages?

Any customer facing business seeing an opportunity to earn money by including Bratwurst into its sales and marketing channels. The Bratwurst toaster is designed for frequent use on a daily basis to meet the high standards required in the hospitality sector.
The Smartwurst sausage toaster prepares sausages quicker than any other alternative, with no attention required by the operator. It delivers the best achievable grilling results and does not need the space of a conventional griller. Therefore the sausage toaster can be used in many locations such as pubs, bars, petrol stations, kiosks, bakeries, butchers, cafeterias and many other new facilities.

Benefits for operators:

Perfect grilling results with no added fat, no white stripes or burned spots
Short preparation time by simultaneously grilling all sides
Energy saving by use of direct heat and almost no power consumption while on stand-by
Labour and time saving as the device is easy to use and the sausage must
    no longer be turned

Practical examples

ARAL Tankstelle in Bremen
KdW Kiosk Weyher Bahnhof
Frizz Oldenburg
3 Monkeys in Hamburg
CLASSIC Tankstelle in Hoya